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Hello family, friends, and supporters, I have a request to make. We need to hear from you!!! I am trying to help a New York Times affiliate writer with information he needs, please read below: "Are you bullied at school? Does your child receive online threats or attacks on Facebook...Read more
Hello my wonderful people!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm very sorry I haven't been on but I have been sooo busy!!!! First of all it was spring break for me last week and I don't need to explain that to you!!!!! AND Uncle Dash came down here from L.A. and surprised me and we did...Read more
Hey hey I just wanted to tell everyone thank you for writing to Oprah for me to be on her show!!!Read more
Hello & I am done with that terrifying thing at the hospital!!!! They put needles in me that hurt and put me in a deep sleep like they were witches and I was Snow White!!!!!!!Read more
Hellooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Right now this minute I am working my tail off!!!!! I have to do a speed drill, 24 sentences, and a Science posterboard project!!!!!!!!! And my tics are super CRAZY right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Read more