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Jaylen Arnold is a genuinely unique, in-demand master encourager and inspirational speaker. Jaylen moves mountains because he has the courage, grace, intention and compassion to connect with people of ALL ages. He’ll make you laugh, make you cry, but more importantly he will change your life!

Jaylen has the capacity to bring about passion in all he crosses paths with. Adults react to his genius & personality, while students resonate because he IS one of them.

Jaylens beautiful and honest soul gives him the ability to put himself out there on the skinny branches…completely exposed. He knows his purpose and he is one of the most giving individuals on the planet.

Anyone who has ever been in contact with Jaylen feels it! Tens of Thousands are in awe at the gift he has to inspire people to be their true loving selves. To not fear, to give, and to be unapologetic and confident about who you are and your talents & abilities.

The future is now.  Book Jaylen Arnold to help you create your future and your purpose in a world of complete acceptance and fearlessness! Impacting millions of people from all corners of the globe. Large and mid-sized organizations, U.S. Government, Schools, Civic Clubs, Churches, and Non-Profits. Jaylen will bring motivation and purpose to your next event; large or small.

Dubbed the young Hero of the Year and The American Spirit by Katie Couric; Jaylen Arnold has been featured by Discovery Health Network, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, CNN, HLN, NBC, CBS, FOX, and ABC.

Ready to stop talking about change and BE THE CHANGE? Contact us here or call us at 863.860.7724 for booking information and availability*.


*Due to travel requirements Jaylens schedule is often booked months in advance; however, we do hold more days open in Spring/Summer for Corporation and Business events including Annual Meetings, Ice Cream Socials, Keynote Address, Special Engagements, and Bring Your Child to Work Days.