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WORK WORK and MORE WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hellooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Right now this minute I am working my tail off!!!!! I have to do a speed drill, 24 sentences, and a Science posterboard project!!!!!!!!! And my tics are super CRAZY right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some good news about my day is that I got to play with my  2year old baby cousin Jordan!!!!!!I wish my mom would have another baby but she said no when I asked her!!!!!!!!!!!!But if I keep praying then God might give her one anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 So how are you doing??? I hope that everyone is doing their part to help me spread my word and stop bullying!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still doing interviews and talking to kids all the time and I'm moving onward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Are you all still helping me try to get to Oprah? Why don't we ALL email her on the same day with a link to my CBS News with katie couric link??? Oh yeeaaaahhhhh! Mom said that a good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!So let's set the date: how about in 10 days on FEBRUARY 19th??? On that day , Friday, I want everyone I know to email Oprah through her website!!!!!!!!!! And I want all my Tweetie Birds on Twitter to do it too!!!!!!!!!! I will keep blogging and tweeting to remind you!!!!!!!!!!

 I want to hear from everyone what you are doing for your special person on Valentines Day coming up!!!!!!!!!What should I do for Selena Gomez on a youtube video??? I want to hear from you???Do you want to help me write her a song????? Sing her a song???????What??? I need the beat and the lyrics and you all can help!!!! NO BAD WORDS THOUGH!!!!!!

 You can email it to me at:

 I hope you all got to see the Hall of Fame movie "Front of The Class" on CBS this week!!!! I got to meet Brad Cohen (the guy with Tourette's that this movie is about) about 2 weeks ago in Orlando and it was awesome!!!!!!! I got to help him speak to hundreds and hundreds of teachers and he gave me a signed copy of the book!!!!!!!!! I like that all them teachers now know what TS is!!!!!!!!!We took lots of pictures and here is two of them!!!!!you can go to my Facebook and look at the rest of them under Jaylens Challenge Fan Page!!!!!!!!


Ok well it is late and I have so much work to do!!!!!!!!!!!MOm was giving my tics a break but now I have to get back to it!!!!!!! I did give Haiti enough of my money I was saving to feed 100 people!!!!!!!!!And a big shout out to my peeps Terrell Ransom Jr (@tjsworld) and Brian White (@actorbrianwhite) for the extra work they have done and keep doing for Haiti!!!!!!!!!!!You guys  rock !!!!!


"Tic" ya later!!!!!!!