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Our Story

One day, I was talking to my mom and we came up with this great idea! My parents sacrifice a lot to protect me, but what about all the other kids whose moms and dads that cant or don't know their kids are being bullied? What about those kids I left behind? They are still getting bullied.

End childhood bullying

My next thought became what we have called my challenge. Jaylens Challenge ~ to end childhood bullying, especially those with disabilities like myself.

I'm making and buying videos & materials-  and my challenge is to educate every teacher and every kid in ALL schools!

You can just call me an Ambassador! I am not afraid to speak to them either. Since I was 5, I have been able to stand up and tell anyone about Tourette's and educate people. It just takes me a while because I have to wait for my tics in between sentences.

You can help me

I know I can make a difference! I can do this...and I really believe that. Once kids are educated about it, they won't bully so much. I put it to the test with the class at the school I attended here for a few months. It was a huge success! You should have seen all the kids coming up to me that use to make fun and copy me. They were actually telling me they were sorry! The same boys that I was scared of! I felt like a special king or a movie star! For some reason though, I could never tell them while they were doing that to me or while I was going to school there. It would've seemed like tattling and they would have put it on me worse. All kids need to know that their bullying changes kids and people forever. The TS and disorders themselves don't kill kids. Its the bullying which leads them to take their own lives - usually by high school age. It is really sad. I can change that! You can help me.         *(Update: Jaylen began in-school presentations for children at the age of 9 in 2009, and has continued to educate thousands of children each year with the help of donations and grant funding from the public).

I'm not scared

We can change that (We means you AND me)! So stick around and come back to my page often and grow with me. See Tourette Syndrome, Asperger's, OCD, and broad spectrum Autism through the eyes of a child. Through my eyes, I will show you. I'm not scared. I'm warning you though, I can be kind of funny and make you laugh. I make up my own really good jokes!

(Side Note: During the making of this website, I just heard today about two more boys who committed suicide as a result of the pressure of being bullied. Eeeek! I need to hurry, so I can help change the world)!