On Friday (today 1/22) at 8 p.m. ET/PT (7 p.m. CT), MTV's "Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief" will air across a number of networks, including MTV. Hollywood A-listers will join forces with some of music's biggest names to raise funds for Haiti after the devastating earthquake hit the nation last Tuesday.Read more
Hey....how are you doing? And you better not say ba.....um.....man I don't like that word so much I cant even say it, how about I'll spell it out for you... ok,here we go...B-A-D. Anyway I did my run with my Dash , well I just walked, but it was terribly very long. I mean my feet would not stop hurting until 5 days. But we raised $2,000 for the TSA to help find a cure!!!!But now here are some pictures :Read more
Hey people with alot of names I could name u like,Tweeple, Peeps, fans, family, and supportors.Read more
Hello people how are you cuz I'm F-I-N-E, FINE!!!! Ok now before we get started I want toRead more
Hello family, friends, and supporters of Jaylens Challenge. We are looking for someone that donated money to Jaylens Challenge by snail mail. The envelope has no return address nor does the letter inside have your name or address. We have no idea where to send the wristbands to. You requested 2 wristbands at the bottom of your note on 5x7 yello legal pad note. We recently did have to order more wristbands and wait for that order to arrive, so everyone else should receive your wristband(s) within the next 3 days as they've already shipped out. If you sent a donation by snail mail with a note described above and believe this is you, please contact me at: JaylensChallenge@gmail.com . I do have a way to verify your the correct person, so please be honest. Thank you all so much for your support of Jaylens Challenge. As Jaylen says, together, we are making a difference. Jaylens ChallengeRead more