Next stop on the tour.....Arlington, Texas! Hey guys! We made it to Arlington, Texas! I'm so thankful to Lazydays and KOA, we are inspiring so many kids! Thank you LazyDays for sponsoring us! Without LazyDays and KOA this trip would be impossible to do! At first I was iffy about...Read more
Next stop on the bus tour is Westminster Academy in Gulfport, Mississippi! Today we visited Westminster Academy. This was a smaller school that I was able to spend time with each kid after my presentation. Westminster was a good school. It was a little strange since the kids were too...Read more
Our first stop was Dunbar Middle School in Mobile, Alabama! Dunbar Middle was GREAT! I feel like the kids really recieved the message I gave to them. The kids there awesome and extremely intelligent! They all asked good questions at the end about Tourettes and Bullying. Thats really all I...Read more
Hi this is Jaylen. Welcome to my blog of my cross country trip from Tampa, FL to Los Angeles, California! Well guys..I'm off! I'm SOOOO excited!!! I cant believe I'm ACTUALLY LEAVING Florida AND going ALL THE WAY TO CALIFORNIA!!!!! AHHH this is going to be the best two weeks...Read more
Jaylens Challenge Foundation, Inc
Welcome! Are you ready to put an end to bullying while having some FUN? Come put on your white Jaylens Challenge t-shirt (included with registration) and leave a beautiful tie-dyed custom creation! It's all about the fun, color, flavor and making a difference! How can you help? There are 5...Read more