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Logo concept art - Jaylens Challenge Foundation, Inc

Welcome to Jaylens Challenge Foundation, Inc.

Our Purpose:

Jaylens Challenge Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to promoting awareness and prevention of bullying through education and community service.

Bullies don't like different

 At the tender age of 8 years old Jaylen Arnold wanted to make a difference. In response to bullying, he wanted to fight back with words and experience - rather than with fists or name calling. Jaylen had suffered at the hands of bullies in school due to his disabilities making him an easy target. Bullies don't like different. 

Encourage misguided youth

Jaylen wanted to encourage misguided youth to do right, instead of wrong. At the time it seemed liked an impossible task, but with the help and guidance of friends and family, Jaylen did not want to give up. Upon hearing Jaylens story, many stepped in to offer help.

After meeting Paul Clarke, Jaylens idea of a website didn't seem so impossible. With a basic website launched intended for Jaylens classmates, this was the birth of Jaylens Challenge Foundation, Inc.

Internationally recognized charity

What started as a small personal project for one little boy has grown into an internationally recognized charity. Now featured on every major network across the globe including ABC, NBC, CNN and Discovery Health - Jaylens Challenge has gone from strength to strengh. To change the life of a single person with this message would have been wonderful, but Jaylen has literally educated thousands and changed lives.

Our mission is simple:

Educate the educators, teach tolerance to the tormentors and banish bullying for all.